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Rules and Regulations

Please plan to arrive no earlier than 11:00AM the morning of your hunt


    Hunters are responsible for their own sheets, pillows, towels, cookware, and food. There are bathrooms in the rooms, do not "go" outside. No smoking in lodge rooms or kitchen. In case of rain, no muddy boots in lodge or rooms. Please be considerate and keep kitchen clean and keep food and coolers out of rooms due to spills and ants. Also, please do not take out my folding metal chairs in the pasture.


    A kitchen complete with four refrigerators, two stoves and microwave are there for you to use, as well as BBQ pits. Please put your food in the refer according to your room number. We ask that on your last day, clear your room and kitchen out by 10:00AM and depart by 11:00am so that we may clean it for the next group.


    Butt cans are furnished. Please do not throw cigarette butts on ground. The hose at the skinning shed is for washing down cooler, skinning area and game. In case of rain you may wash off your windshield only. No total vehicle washes, please. Any game killed must be tagged and if placed into walk-in cooler, must be recorded into cold storage book because the game warden does come by.


    Only one trophy buck per visit (130 P&Y or better) Hunters are allowed a cull buck in addition to their trophy buck at no extra cost.  Any buck 5-1/2 yrs. or older no penalty.  "Slick 8" bucks must be 4-1/2 yrs. Does may be taken according to management quota. The following applies to penalty bucks not making 130" P&Y: 8 pt or less. 4-1/2 yrs or younger: $500.  Bucks 9 pts or more 4-1/2 years or younger: $1000. No draw-locs. Crossbows only with upper-limb handicapped license (ranch rule.)

    In the Field: (see  "Latest Rules" above)

    Hunters are responsible for their own transportation to and from the pasture.  4WD is advisable along with tire sealer and plugs.  Please stay in your area and do not shoot over or cross any fences and by all means don't corn the property lines.  Also, don't move into another pasture without asking even if it's empty. Please take a picture of any corn on fence lines if noticed on other side of fence. Please respect artifacts and leave them on the ranch  i.e. skulls, arrowheads,  shed horns, etc. Hunters wounding animals after dark MUST come back to ranch to get one of us.  Location should be flagged and not disturbed. Please do not use toilet paper. When you use plastic flagging, please remove from brush before you vacate.  Hunters should return to HQ promptly after dark and no one is allowed into the pastures at night during whitetail season unless cleared by ranch rep.
        The game warden may give you a ticket if 4-wheelers are operating on the county dirt road that bisects the ranch.  This is would be a rare event, but noteworthy.  Polaris Rangers, Mules are OK, however there's grey area in the law with these.
    Please pull down all doe bombs and flagging before you leave and make sure to bury your business if you have to go in the pasture.
    Drones: No drones are to be used on the ranch without my permission.

    Pasture assignments: (copy from INFO)
    We have had some complaints from hunters that "favoritism" is going on and we are saving pastures for certain hunters. This is not the case.
    If a hunter get the same pasture as the previous year it is coincidental. All of the pastures are assigned before check-in and in most cases hunters are given the choice of open pastures. All of the areas have excellent hunting and when we are booked (10 hunters) each hunter has a bunch of acres to themselves. We place hunters in a pasture according to group size and the placement is controlled by the hunting manager.
     Once you are assigned a location you cannot jump to a different location without permission from the hunting manager.

    Printable Information:

    welcome letter

    2019-2020  Latest Rules

    Current Brochure-(out of order)

    Driving Directions


    Any questions pertaining to game size, weight, quantity or type requirements will be re-emphasized upon arrival.