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Spring Bird and Desert Summer Wildlife Viewing
$75/person. half-price for age 15 and under

Lodging:   We have a lodge with 4 rooms, each with it's own bath.  Each room has 2 sets of bunked beds and a/c. We can accommodate up to 16 people per day but would like to have a minimum of 6 people at one time to keep the ranch open during our off-season. Each group is required to bring their own food and linens. We have a separate kitchen and dining room with 4 refrigerators and stoves.  There are also 3 BBQ pits, ice machine, satellite TV and WIFI as well.

The ranch is fairly remote.  You have to travel on an all-weather gravel road several miles to get here.  We are 30 miles from Encinal and 40 miles from Laredo.  Once you are  at the ranch , it is very quiet and the the nighttime sky is black.  A truly restful place.

Check-in is at 11AM and check out is the same.

There are numerous stock tanks and a large creek on the property to setup and view.  It is up to you to and your vehicle to travel around the ranch. The ranch roads are wide and free of  brush as long as you stay on the roads.  Tire plugs are recommended for that occasional stray thorn.

Bird life:

Species: Snowy Egret; Northern Mockingbird; Northern Cardinal; Pyrrhuloxia; Green Jay; Audubon Oriole; Greater Roadrunner; White Winged Dove; Mourning Dove; Lincoln Sparrow; Chipping Sparrow; Black Throated Sparrow; House Sparrow; Eastern Phoebe; Vermillion Flycatcher; Scissor Tailed Flycatcher; Loggerhead Shrike; Golden Fronted Woodpecker; Great-Tailed Grackle; Turkey Vulture; Black Vulture; Chihuahuan Raven; Crested Cara Cara; Harris’s Hawk; American Kestrel.


Whitetail deer, Collared-peccary (Javelina), coyote, bobcat, mountain lion, boar, badger, raccoons, rabbits, field rats, mice,  strange lizards, turtles, bugs of every flavor, etc. reside here....oh rattlesnakes, too.  Maybe even a chupacabra or two.

Please call for availability

Karl Dickinson