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   I don't make single units unless I have an order of 6 or more.


**New Design**

You choose: Photocell, dusk-to-dawn or timer which can be set.  The photocell keeps the light on longer which may run short of power in multiple cloudy days.  The timer model may se set for single or  multiple intervals.



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Price is $255 plus tax and shipping


       Constant Intensity Baitlight


Bait Light

       In South Texas feral hogs are a popular game animal during the year, but are also a difficult animal since they are mostly nocturnal. Hunting is usually limited to bright evenings when the moon is full or close to full. An alternative is to hunt by artificial light such as a flashlight or flood light. The lights are placed on a 10' T-post 10 to 15 feet from a hole in the ground filled with soured corn. The hole is then covered with a large rock or piece of concrete to keep other varmints from eating the bait.  They may also be placed shining on a corn feeder.
      These hog hunting lights uses a single head with 6 constant intensity LEDs to illuminate the bait area with very low power consumption only during the dark hours. The battery is charged daily using a solar panel. I make a green and white light version.  They all have a galvanized finish. The light is set and left for the hog-hunting season. Rifle hunters may consider using a scope with a lighted reticle to aid in placing the black crosshairs on black hogs.
        No batteries to replace. No wires to get in the way. The Bait Light® has been very successful on the Lincoln Ranch in South Texas.


Dear Sir,
    I used your hog Baitlight on our ranch, and we were very impressed with the results. We had hogs under it right away, and this looking at them from a box deer blind 125yds. away which we didn't have any problem seeing and harvesting some. Our ranch is a south Texas hunting ranch located between George West and Freer, TX. We would highly recommend the Baitlight to any rancher or any hunter that wants to harvest hogs.    
Bill Morgan, MEW Ranch


  • single high-output light head.  Operates during dark hours only
  • battery recharges daily by solar panel
  • Long life LED technology
  • Quick "T" post mounting in 60 seconds.
  • Light on bottom is able to  aim straight down.
  • 360 view on vertical axis. 270 view on horizontal axis.                                                                                           
  • 12V operates 6 nights without solar charge in case of overcast.
  • Very few materials needed for installation. Flat or Phillips screwdriver, 1/2" wrench, compass, ladder, "T" post driver and a "T" post.  You may also mount it to a 4x4 wooden post by drilling through back of box.

****Battery and solar panel included****

Other uses: These lights may also be used to light walk ways, remote cabins, landscaping, and signs. There are many uses too numerous to name.

Typical installation: On the Lincoln Ranch the Bait Light® is set 10 to 15 feet away from our baits with the tripod or ground blind down-wind. We are surprised to find the hogs have been visiting the lighted bait every night since they were installed. We assumed it would take weeks for the hogs to get used to the light but that was not the case. I have built 30 of these units for the ranch and all are currently in our bowhunting operation.  We also mount the lights on the top of a 10' t-post aiming straight down to a barrel with holes filled with corn, chained to the post on a slip ring.

Color: Silver


Price is $255 plus tax and shipping