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Lincoln Ranch Bowhunting


Bowhunting Only Ranch

Bowhunting whitetail deer in South Texas is a hunt you don't want to miss. Bowhunting hogs and javelina offers an exciting experience that not every ranch can offer, combined with very comfortable accommodations. Archery hunting has been around the 'Brush Country' for 1000s of years so come carry on the tradition of hunting deer, feral hogs and javelina on the 'Lincoln'. Bowhunting hogs and whitetail in south Texas is quite the rush when experiencing the thorny brush, cactus and abundance of wildlife. We have been strictly an archery ranch for 30 years.

Come enjoy an affordable bow hunt at the Lincoln ranch in fabulous south Texas!   

*The information below is subject to change:

3890 acres this year

Available dates for deer 2019-2020

Available dates for hogs and javelina 2020 


(Owner) Karl Dickinson



2019-2019 Harvest

A. Maldonado, Alice, TX  12 pt, 220 lb live wt.  Score 123-5/8, 5 yr old

Robyne Gold, Baytown, TX  175#, 4-1/2 yr management 8

Keith Wagner, 4-1/2 mgmt.  missing brow tine

Denny Pate, Centerville, TX  4-1/2 mgmt. 170#

Ray Anderson, Kountze, TX  4.5 yr mgmt buck. slick 8

Willie Croft 4.5 yr mgmt buck.  no brow tine

Lane Anderson, Doe  110#

Matthew Anderson, 4-1/2 yr mgmt buck, 200#

Anthony Sharp, 5 yr old 5x5, 175#








from other years: VARIOUS BUCKS

Kristina Ryder
123-3/8 (Mgmt buck bec of age)


 Joel Lopez

Karen Ingram 145-7/8

Jay Richardson 141-4/8

AJ Longron  161-4/8

Robert A Johnson  145-7/8

Robert Cobb 136-7/8

Frank Hunter 143-1/8

Robert B Johnson  score 152

Cliff Ingram   163-2/8

Daryl P.   160-5/8

CJ Ingram  133-3/8

Ben Ryder 135-1/8

Brian Dungan  145-4/8

From one of my hunters:
All of these were taken from the Lincoln Ranch since 2010