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Lincoln Ranch is a 2340 acre ranch located 25 miles NE of Laredo, Texas. Established in 1987 for bowhunting only, it caters to groups of up to 11 hunters. Accommodations include a large lodge-style building with a central living room and four bedrooms (4 beds in each room), each air conditioned with its own bathroom. Adjacent to the lodge is a kitchen and dining facility where you prepare your own meals. A lighted target range and walk-in cooler are also located on the grounds.
 We assign you a pasture and you hunt that area any way you prefer.  We have no preset stands or feeders.  Pop-up blinds work very well as long as they are brushed in well. (click>see examples. Go to 'Other Photos'>Brushed in blind examples) We rent them.  fees. You may also set up multiple areas and set a game cameras up as long as there is room in the pasture.  License info.  WIFI is available at lodge.

What's Included:

1. Use of tripod stands
2. Use of lodge
3. Use of practice range with targets
4. Use of walk-in cooler and skinning facility
5. We have a computer set up in the lodge to view memory cards

What to Bring:

1. Food
2. Bed linens (single-sized sheet for cots), pillows and towels, soap
2.5.  Box fan for drowning out snorers, ear plugs
3. Transportation to and from pasture. 4WD, sealer and tire plugs advised.
4. Bring corn or buy at ranch. Corn has gone up in price a lot  Corn $15 per 50#
5. Vehicle & buggy gas (no station within 32 miles)  If coming from IH35, fill up in Encinal.  If coming from Hwy 59, fill up in Freer.
6. Use of washer/dryer $10/load
7. Ice: $5 per 20# bag

Suggestions on things to bring:

Reminder: Gerry cans of gas if you’re staying a while and for your buggy.

  1. Machete, gloves, drag rope, clothing to hack your way through thorns to find your animal
  2. tweezers
  3. good flashlight and a backup for blood tracking
  4. GPS so you won't get lost tracking
  5. Rubber boots in case of mud & snake boots
  6. Garbage bags to put your meat in
  7. Chair for sitting and stalking
  8. Thermocell, mesh face net
  9. shovel for burying toilet paper

1. Limit: one trophy buck or one cull buck, and one mature doe in October and November this year (2021-22).   Most people that hunt here are here for the chance to shoot a trophy buck.   You may shoot a hog. No javelina to be killed. If you're staying 10 days or more you may shoot another buck as long as its a cull.  If you're going to hunt consecutive hunts you must separate your hunt by 2 weeks. 
Second Buck:
If you already have shot your first buck, trophy or cull, and want a second, the price will be $500 for management bucks as long as it's not a penalty buck.  A second buck 140" and up will be $1000 plus $75/inch. A second buck that ends up being a penalty buck will be a 2nd buck fee plus the penalty fee.  Not good. 

2. Penalty Bucks not making 140" P&Y:   Bucks 10 pts or more, 4-1/2 years or younger: $1200.  If your buck is 5-1/2 yrs. or older and DOES scores over 140, then that is your trophy buck.  Less than 4-1/2 years, 8s and 9s: $500.
Aging: We only use the "Tooth Replacement and Wear Method"

3. Little does.  Any does brought in under 50# is a $150 penalty.  Please try and shoot the oldest and largest.

- Four-wheelers are  acceptable as long as they are kept on the roads. Please be sure there is a quiet muffler in place.  Polaris Rangers, Mules and the like are allowed anytime.
- Release of Liability on file needs to be signed upon arrival. If you want to be on our mailing list please write your email on this form
- Cross bows allowed only for upper-limb physically disabled individuals. This is a ranch rule.
- no drones.

2022-2023  Deer herd management requirements by biologist:

Valid deer:

  • Trophies must score 140 unless he is 5-1/2 or older (5-1/2 or older bucks are considered a mgmt)
  • All 8s and 9s need to be 4-1/2 or older
  • No brow tines or one brow tine need to be 3-1/2 or older (must not be broken off)
  • Freak horned deer need to be 3-1/2 or older
  • 5,6 or 7 point need to be 3-1/2
  • no spikes killed
  • nothing killed 2-1/2 or younger

Field Judging:  http://whitetaildeerpassion.blogspot.com/p/about-whitetail-deer.html and

Assignment of pastures:
 All of the pastures are assigned before check-in and in most cases hunters are given the choice of open pastures.  All of the areas have excellent hunting and when we are booked each hunter has an abundance of acreage to themselves.  We place hunters in a pasture according to group size and the placement is controlled by the hunting manager. We have several pastures and they range in size from 250-800 acres. Once you are assigned a location you cannot jump to a different location without permission from the hunting manager.