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Pasture Maps PDF
Front    818 acres
House     708 acres
Trap     231 acres
Longhorn   411 acres



Vintage photos when we used to have a beautiful yard of Bermuda.


Our facilities include lodge-style accommodations which have a central living room and four bedrooms.  Each air-conditioned bedroom is equipped with four beds and has its own tiled bathroom with shower.  Adjacent to the lodge is a kitchen and dining facility where you may prepare your own meals.  We also provide a lighted target range,  and a walk - in cooler. We also have a 3 bedroom house available for couples for $25/person/night extra

        Lodge 2nd floor                                                     BBQ hut with table

We don't waste water on watering the yard anymore.....
And now for the current photos of the facilities:

Partial view of front with a rare sight of some rain water on the ground.  We're going for the carefree yard.

Each of the 4 bedrooms have 4 beds and a full bath.  Each room has a/c and heat real bad art on the walls

The bathrooms are actually larger than this photo depicts...but not much


Patio with BBQ hut in background.  A popular spot to be.

A photo looking back at the lodge. We also have a washer-dryer and ice.

circa 1800's vintage adobe with 24" walls used for the kitchen.  Watch your head when you walk in.  The entrance is a little over 5" tall.

looking back from the kitchen entrance into the dining area.  Each lodge room has it's own designated refrigerator.

the upstairs hangout balcony patio

balcony to the two upper rooms and owl roost.  You'll see!


Living room complete with satellite TV, a computer to check your camera chip, and WiFi.

you can barely make out the moose head and the jar of snake heads

...a lighted archery range....

and finally the processing shed with cooler and the